Our Vision

Making Quality Products through Continuous manufacturing and Management improvement. Ensuring Customers needs & Satisfaction by Doing Right the First time and every time.

To diversity our group products and services into rapidly expanding globally with strategic alliances and embark on our next phase of growth.


Competitive Strengths

  • Just In Time (JIT) Concept

    In Allied MFG, we adopt JIT strategy which strives to Improve a business' return on investment by reducing in-process inventory. Therefore we are able to provide quality products and services at a competitive pricing
  • Operation Model

Our operation model focuses on flexible and systematic process flow which allows us to provide shorter delivery request. With the ability to manufacture according to customer strict requirement.



Hands on & Passionate Team

We have an evenly distributed team of experience junior and senior management from the production shop floor to the top management. With more than 10 years of relevant working experience, guiding and training next generationof leaders to ensure quality and efficient throughout.