Machinery Capabilities

1.        4.0KW Mit Laser Cut Machine                 
2.        Trumatic TC1000R Punching Machine    
3.        Bystronic Bending Machine                     
4.        Amada RG50 Bending Machine                  
5.        Spot Weld Machine.      
(Country of Origin : Japan)
(Country of Origin : Germany)
(Country of Origin : PRC)
(Country of Origin : Japan)
(Country of Origin : Malaysia)
6.        3HP Milling Machine                                
7.        Penn Setter Series 4                                    
8.        MIG, TIG Welding Machine.                    
9.        Bend Saw Cutting Machine.                               
10.      Circular Cutting Saw       
(Country of Origin : ROC)
(Country of Origin : USA)
(Country of Origin : Korea and PRC)
(Country of Origin : ROC)    
(Country of Origin : PRC)

The 4Kw laser cutting machine is equip with a exchange table 5’ x 10’ and is able to process

•   SUS 10mm thickness
•   Carbon Steel 19mm thickness
Ultra rigid, single platform Dianite cast machine frame. Provide ultimate stability that ensure high-speed processing accuracy

High speed, heavy-duty motion system. Reduces processing time as much as 50%. Diamond Path advanced beam delivery system. Superior edge quality and processing consistency over entire work area.